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Dialux Evo is a freeware that is created by DIAL, Germany to replace the out going Dialux 4.1.

Since the beta version till today, lux consultancy has been trying it and now using it as a must use tools for lighting design and calculation. We are proud to have Chris Teo, a Certified Dialux Trainer on board to train others to use this freeware.

Dialux Evo has been develop for lighting planning, calculation and visualization or professional architectural lighting for a worldwide pool of lighting designers and planners. It has over 680,000 users till date. You can plan and design using the electronic luminaire catalogues of the world’s leading luminaire manufacturers. Superimpose on the CAD data of other architectural programmes and create your own lighting design.

For details of those that has already done the training with us, kindly click on the link below:-

Dialux Evo Trained 2014-2015

Dialux Evo Trained 2016-2017

Dialux Evo Trained 2018

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Next Training Date: TBA

Duration of Training: 3 Days, 0930hrs to 1830hrs

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For corporate and group trainings kindly email: for details.